Черепица elZinc®


Main features
Whether for new-build or refurbishment projects, prefabricated elZinc® tiles are a great solution for wall cladding and for weathering roofs pitched over either 25º or 45º (depending on the type of tile used).
Our four types of shingles, made of elZinc® zinc-titanium (EN988 standard), lend themselves to all architectural styles, harmonising perfectly with the surrounding materials.
In addition to their ecological and aesthetic qualities, elZinc® tiles are:
Easy to install.
Suitable for most projects.
Highly corrosion resistant.
Virtually maintenance free.
elZinc’s® range of tiles are available in every elZinc® surface finish.




Square tile
elZinc’s® square tile with polystyrene reinforcement is notable for its ease of installation. Its clean design gives the cladding an elegantly neat appearance.
Elements number/m2: 9.
Approx. weight/m2 (in 0,7 mm): 7,3 kg
Dimensions: Installed tile 400 x 400 mm / Unit: 512 mm x 555 mm
Piece nº/box: 24


Rhomboid tile
The elZinc® rhomboid tile gives a stylised look to roofs and façades. The sleek interlocking tile highlights verticality, and is suited to both modern and traditional architecture.
Elements number/m2: 14.
Approx. weight/m2 (in 0,7 mm): 7,8 kg
Dimensions: 560 x 280 mm
Pieces number/box: 35


Pointed fish scale tile
This elZinc tile brings to mind images of baroque architecture. It provides, in its simplicity, a discreet, traditional feel to the building.
Elements number/m2: 41
Approx. weight/m2 (in 0,7 mm): 7,4 kg
Dimensions: 280 x 200 mm
Pieces number/box: 104


 Rounded pointed fish scale tile
A new twist on a classic model. elZinc’s® rounded fish scale tile is inspired by a shape commonly used in traditional European architecture.
Elements number/m2: 72
Approx. weight/m2 (in 0,7 mm): 10,9 kg
Dimensions: installed tile 245 x 135 / unit: 240 x 142 mm
Pieces number/box: 144


ROJO 1 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® red

AZUL 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® blue

VERDE 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® green 

NEGRO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® black 

ORO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® gold

MARRON 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® brown 

elzinc natural

elZinc® Natural

elzinc slate

 elZinc Slate®

elzinc graphite

elZinc Graphite®