Фасадные панели elZinc®

panel composite

Key points

Single skin self-supporting panels with tongue and groove joint.
Narrow aspect ratio – length up to a nominal 4m, width up to 300mm.
Suitable for flat or gently curved façades and soffits.
Panels are normally installed in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
Uses 1mm thick elZinc®.
Installed top to bottom.
System weight 8 to 11kg/m2 (zinc only).


Basic system information

  1. elZinc® profiled Façade panel. Maximum length nominally 4m
  2. Tongue and groove joint, can be varied from 5 to 25mm wide
  3. Transversal shadow joint
  4. Weathering strip
  5. Tongue profile. Adjusts in length to vary joint width
  6. Groove profile
  7. Joint centres dimension. Up to 300mm in 1.0mm thick elZinc®
  8. Direct fixing using self-drilling screws or rivets to rail profile sub structure (not shown)
detalle panel


ROJO 1 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® red

AZUL 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® blue

VERDE 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® green 

NEGRO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® black 

ORO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® gold

MARRON 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® brown 

elzinc natural

elZinc® Natural

elzinc slate

 elZinc Slate®

elzinc graphite

elZinc Graphite®