Double lock standing seam


Main features

  • Proven, versatile system for roofing flat, curved and ‘free-form’ roofs.
  • Weather-tight down to 7º of pitch, 3º if seams are sealed..
  • Discrete joints give a light, elegant appearance.
  • Modern profiling and seaming machines facilitate short installation times.
  • On-the-roof detailing uses folding techniques or soldered joints – no mastic!
  • Items such as snow guards and life line attachments are readily available. 


Basic system information: 

  1. elZinc® Standing seam roofing tray, nominal max. length 10m.
  2. Standing seam joint (normally follow line of maximum pitch)
  3. Undercloak
  4. Overcloak
  5. Welt of standing seam
  6. Expansion gap at seam base 
  7. Seam centres dimension. Normally from 430 to 670mm
  8. Stainless steel ‘fixed’ clip – anchors the tray in position
  9. Stainless steel ‘sliding’ clip – allows longitudinal expansion
  10. Self-expanding sealing strip for roofs pitched under 7º
detalle junta alzada


ROJO 1 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® red

AZUL 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® blue

VERDE 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® green 

NEGRO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® black 

ORO 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® gold

MARRON 300x300

elZinc Rainbow® brown 

elzinc natural

elZinc® Natural

elzinc slate

 elZinc Slate®

elzinc graphite

elZinc Graphite®